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Is your flooring healthy for you?

02 December 2020

By: Floorrich Singapore

The greatest wealth is health. – Virgil

How do you make your choice when it comes to floorings? Do you take the time to research about the different types of floorings first? Are you willing to spend more on good quality flooring or would you rather save up on a few extra dollars for a cheaper option? If you are the other then here’s why you should NOT skimp on floorings.

Certifications We Have:


Here, at Floorrich, all our products are eco-friendly. Our certifications stand proof. What does it mean to be eco-friendly? Our floorings are non-toxic and do not emit anything harmful to the ecosystem, either through the production or through the product itself. This means that even in the long run, your family will not breathe in any chemical releases that could harm your health.

Our floorings are also FloorScore® certified, meaning they are in compliance with California’s strict criteria regarding volatile organic compound emission. VOCs are harmful gases released from household items as they gradually degrade overtime. Overexposure to these chemicals can cause a list of health risks such as headaches, respiratory, liver, kidney and nerve damage. Symptoms can include feeling fatigue or tired often, drowsiness or memory loss.

Being certified by Green Label Singapore and Singapore Green Building Product ensures customers that our products meet the standards specified by the scheme. Having both certificates show that we do not only consider the impact from the consumer’s end, but we also take into account the use of raw materials, transportation, manufacturing and packaging of the products we use.


Our Vinyl flooring is marked as a Leader in the industry under the Singapore Green Building Product’s Green Mark certification. As Singapore’s representative on the World Green Building Council, the certification serves as proof that we meet the high standards and benchmarks for green building solutions locally and regionally. Some added benefits of the green mark includes:

  • Facilitate reduction in energy, water and material resource usage
  • Reduce potential environmental impact
  • Improve indoor air quality for better health and well being  

Opting for eco friendly flooring also helps in improving the air quality at home as the materials used come from renewable sources. Our forest certified products by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) ensures our customers that some of our forest-based products such as engineered flooring or solid wood that reach our showroom are sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Think twice before choosing the cheaper flooring just to save a couple of bucks. After all, there really isn’t much point in having all the money but no health to enjoy it. The money you saved on the flooring might end up being used to pay your medical bills in the future. 

Head down to our showroom to take a look at the different flooring options we have for you!

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