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Transforming Your BTO HDB: Innovative Flooring Materials and Techniques

Transforming Your BTO HDB: Innovative Flooring Materials and Techniques

11 August 2023

By: Floorrich Singapore

Looking to create a visually stunning BTO HDB? Innovative flooring materials and techniques can work wonders! Exploring unique options beyond traditional flooring choices makes it possible to create a personalised and stylish interior. To help you ease the process of transforming your BTO HDB, this article will share three exciting flooring options as your inspiration.

1. Vinyl Planks

Vinyl planks feature an excellent blend of durability and style. Available in a wide array of designs, wood grains and textures, they are synthetic flooring materials that mimic the look and feel of natural wood. Apart from allowing you to find the perfect match for your desired aesthetic, vinyl planks are also highly resistant to scratches, stains, and moisture, making them suitable and durable for the kitchen, living room and other high-traffic areas. As HDB vinyl flooring requires only minimal maintenance effort, rest assured that the flooring can be easily kept clean.

2. Sustainable Alternatives

With global warming and climate change on the rise, sustainability has become a huge prioritisation, making eco-friendly materials an essential. Innovative flooring materials that offer a greener approach is a popular and ideal alternative to home design. One such option is timber flooring. By looking for some timber flooring finishes that are low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), they avoid the emission of harmful gases into the air, contributing to better indoor air quality.  Additionally, reclaimed or recycled timber flooring helps prevent unnecessary deforestation. This repurposed timber from old buildings, barns, or other structures, give it a new life as flooring. Meanwhile, the production of engineered wood flooring involves precise cutting and shaping of the wood layers, minimising waste and the energy required for material preparation. Ultimately, the overall energy expenditure is reduced.  Installable as an HDB flooring, the materials can create a healthier indoor environment, reducing the potential for off-gassing and the risk for allergies, as it is free from the chemicals and toxins found in some new flooring materials. 

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3. Patterned Tiles

Ranging from intricate geometric patterns to vibrant Moroccan-inspired motifs, patterned tiles come in different designs. They can serve as a bold statement piece to your interior, instantly transforming the overall look and aesthetic of your BTO HDB. Herringbone and chevron patterns are two popular flooring design choices, particularly with hardwood or tile installations. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

  • Herringbone Pattern

It is made up of rectangular tiles or planks arranged in a “V” shape. Every plank is laid at a 45-degree angle to form a zigzag pattern, while the ends are typically cut at 90-degree angles. This presents clean, geometric lines.

Herringbone is versatile, installable with different flooring materials such as laminate, hardwood, tile, or luxury vinyl. Complementing a range of interior styles, herringbone can be highly durable when installed correctly. The interlocking pattern provides stability and ensures even weight distribution.

  • Chevron Pattern

The planks of chevron pattern are cut at an angle to form a continuous zigzag pattern, creating a series of inverted “V” shapes. They make a bold statement, adding a sense of luxury and elegance to any space. 

If you are looking for any flooring pattern that can go well with modern and contemporary interior design styles, chevron is an ideal choice. Additionally, you can customise the pattern to suit different colour schemes and design preferences.

If you are still unsure of how this can be done, contact reputable flooring contractors in Singapore, like Floorrich, for more inspiring ideas. 

There is no denying that innovative flooring materials and techniques can help to unleash your imagination in creating a personalised BTO HDB interior. We hope that the tips provided above are useful in helping you select your desired flooring material and leverage the most suitable technique to establish a truly unique and inviting space. Nonetheless, it is crucial to take into account your personal preferences, lifestyle, and the overall design theme of your home when choosing flooring materials. The ultimate goal is to reflect your individual style, as well as enhance your daily living experience.

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