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Vinyl Flooring VS SPC Flooring: What are their differences?

19 November 2021

By: Floorrich Singapore

Vinyl Flooring Singapore

The numerous flooring options available today leave us spoiled for choice, especially since each flooring material is capable of bringing out a different vibe and offering us various benefits. Some flooring materials such as tiles used to be a hot favourite in Singapore homes. However, as vinyl flooring rises up the rank, tile floors are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

We all know vinyl flooring as a type of panelled flooring that mimics the look of real wood; however, did you know that there are many other subtypes under vinyl flooring? Some of the most common ones are luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) flooring. Read on to find out what their differences are.

What are Luxury Vinyl Tiles?

Vinyl Tiles Singapore

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) come in various forms, namely tiles, sheets and planks. It is a highly durable and versatile flooring material popular among homeowners and business owners in Singapore. Luxury Vinyl tiles are designed to replicate the look and feel of natural hard surface flooring options such as hardwood and stone; thanks to advances in technology and design capabilities, some of these luxury vinyl tiles can feel and look almost indistinguishable compared to the natural flooring options.  

Vinyl flooring typically consists of four main layers; wear layer, decorative image, vinyl core and backing layer. These layers are made with synthetic materials combined through heat and pressure to form a durable flooring material. Installing luxury vinyl tiles in your home is a sure way to incorporate cost-effective materials without sacrificing quality design and strength. 

What is SPC Flooring?

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Stone Polymer Composite, or SPC flooring, is a relatively new product in the industry, but it is quickly gaining traction. SPC, like vinyl flooring, is designed to look like various natural flooring products.

SPC flooring is also mainly made of four layers; transparent wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, rigid SPC core and a base layer.

These layers are made up of several different compounds, including natural stone powder and PVC, with the natural stone powder accounting for approximately 50 to 60 per cent of the composition. This stone powder is typically composed of limestone, an inorganic compound found in natural stones such as marble and granite. The combination of these compounds results in a highly durable core that can withstand heavy traffic.

Difference Between Luxury Vinyl Tile and SPC Flooring

I. Composition

While both luxury vinyl tiles and SPC flooring are composed of four layers, the compounds used result in very different compositions and properties.

Luxury Vinyl tiles have a simple vinyl core made of PVC, which gives them a flexible and soft feel, whereas SPC flooring has a stone core, which gives it a rigid construction. Vinyl and SPC flooring differ in thickness as well; SPC flooring is typically thicker than vinyl tiles.

II. Sturdiness

Due to the composition of vinyl tiles, they are softer and more prone to dents from heavy furniture than SPC. In comparison to vinyl tiles, SPC’s rigid composition will also provide a more substantial feel underfoot.

Similarities Between Luxury Vinyl Tile and SPC Flooring

I. Durability

Both luxury vinyl tiles and SPC floors are extremely durable, capable of withstanding heavy human traffic even in commercial settings. They are also scratch and water-resistant.

II. Maintenance

Due to their durability and resistance, both vinyl tiles and SPC flooring are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Simply sweep and mop the surfaces regularly to keep them as good as new.

Whether you’re a new homeowner thinking of renovating your first home, or someone who just wants to give your home a refurbishment, vinyl flooring is an option you should consider. Not only are they affordable, but they are also durable, easy to install and easy to maintain as well. 

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