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We might not have given it a lot of thoughts, but our home’s flooring is very important in the durability of the house. Employing the help of a flooring specialist in Singapore during the building phase will do wonders in the overall construction. Investing in a reputable flooring company in Singapore is vital for any renovation projects as well, as it ensures that high-quality flooring products are utilised. Floorrich Global Pte Ltd is one of Singapore’s leading, one-stop flooring providers specialising in a wide range of Solid Wood, Engineered Wood, Outdoor Decking and Vinyl flooring.

Having been part of the flooring market for over 20 years, we have gained a lot of experiences as well as trusted networks as a flooring provider in Singapore. Our commercial and HDB flooring eco resources are unrivalled by other flooring companies in Singapore. We are continuously aiming for more innovative flooring solutions for future homes in Singapore.

At Floorrich, we stand by our motto to build a strong relationship with our clients by delivering proficient expertise from the get-go and aim to provide clients with high-quality flooring and top-notch services expected from a flooring specialist in Singapore. We also provide a 5-year commercial and 10-year residential warranty* in addition to our excellent workmanship.

The common commercial and HDB flooring options our company has available in Singapore constitute:

Commercial and HDB Flooring Options

As a trusted flooring company in Singapore, Floorrich is always happy to help our clients in choosing the ideal flooring solutions for their homes and offices. A good choice of flooring, combined with quality products from a reliable flooring supplier in Singapore, will make your home, office, or shop, the perfect sleek and cosy look.

When you visit a flooring company in Singapore for supplies, you will realize just how many options for flooring one can have. Aside from various materials, there are also various forms and colours to choose from. With all these choices, one can easily go wrong in picking the right one for his construction or renovation needs. Choosing the best flooring for your residential and commercial space depends on the area you are renovating and your interior design ideas. At Floorrich, we offer a range of flooring with different properties that will cater to the needs of specific areas of your home.

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Who we are

Floorrich Global Pte Ltd is one of Singapore’s leading, one-stop flooring providers specialising in a wide range of flooring products including Solid Timber, Engineered Wood, Outdoor Decking, LVT and SPC Vinyl flooring. We are a trusted flooring company by many homes, offices, buildings, and commercial spaces across the country with a reputation for delivering quality products and services.

Who we are
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our services

As a flooring specialist in Singapore, Floorrich is known for its expert in supply and install flooring services. At Floorrich, we do not only provide flooring materials, but we also ensure that your commercial and residential floorings are of the best quality.

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Floorrich is your one-stop flooring supplier in Singapore. We take pride in our outstanding products and unrivalled customer services, ensuring that our clients will only get the best of what they expect from a flooring company in Singapore. Our floorings are eco-friendly, non-toxic and they come in various designs and colours. In addition, our exceptional workmanship is guaranteed by a 5-year residential flooring warranty and a 10-year residential flooring warranty.

why floorrich
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