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How to Choose a Flooring Supplier in Singapore

07 December 2022

By: Floorrich Singapore

How to Choose a Flooring Supplier in Singapore

Looking to add some personality to your home interior to enhance its appeal? Selecting the right flooring can make all the difference. After all, nothing beats an ideal flooring when it comes to providing beauty and comfort for your residence. Flooring installation can be a significant investment and that’s why it is crucial to find a reliable flooring company.. To ease your decision-making process, we have compiled a list of factors to take into consideration with regards to engaging the right flooring supplier in Singapore.

1. Eco-friendly flooring options

The popularity of eco-friendly flooring options has been growing in Singapore as more homeowners and contractors are valuing the importance of reducing carbon footprint. These flooring options are built from environmentally-friendly materials with little to zero toxic chemicals. Most are made from recyclables or ecologically harvested sources, making for a sustainable choice that benefits your home. When choosing a flooring company, it is important to determine whether they provide such options. 

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2. Samples

Does the flooring supplier provide samples? Samples, cut into small pieces of plank or block of flooring, enables you to look at the colour and pattern of the floor. This serves as a clearer representation, compared to flooring images shown online, which may yield variations in tone and contrast. A good flooring specialist in Singapore should be aware of this concern. Providing a sample will allow customers to find their dream floor, based on accurate colours and textures.

3. Wide variety of flooring options 

If you’re undecided on your flooring choice, engaging a flooring company that offers a wide variety of flooring options will come in handy. Regardless of the style, functionality and features, having more options lets you find your ideal preference. It allows you to make comparisons among the products, determining the one that suits your needs the best.

4. Good track record/ positive testimonials

Keep in mind to consider only specialists when choosing a flooring supplier. How do you define “specialists”? The simplest way is to evaluate their track record and testimonials. Positive feedback and accreditations are indicative of credibility and expertise. Specialists possess the skills and know-how required to ensure a smooth and seamless installation process. As a renowned wood, outdoor and vinyl flooring supplier in Singapore, Floorrich provides a great lineup of innovative flooring solutions that are recognised by many award-giving bodies in the country.

Good warranty policy-flooring suppliers in Singapore

5. Good warranty policy

Warranties provide assurance and greater peace of mind with regards to a product’s quality. They act as a testament of the confidence a company has in its products or services. During your search for a flooring supplier, remember to identify if they offer a good warranty policy, in case you need any post-sale services. 

6. Transparency 

An ethical company will always provide its customers with adequate transparency about costs upfront. This is what you should look for when selecting flooring suppliers in Singapore. Flooring suppliers usually list out their changing rates and clarify if there are additional fees involved for some complementary services. The last thing you want is to pay for unnecessary or hidden costs. 

7. Experience

Experienced and well-trained specialists save you time and effort when it comes to flooring installation. Their skillfulness and in-depth knowledge in the industry reveal their trustworthiness. Always feel free to seek their professional advice if you have any concerns about flooring-related matters.

We hope the tips above are useful when selecting a suitable flooring supplier. A reliable flooring supplier should always be attentive to your needs and be able to help you out with all types of flooring.

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