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Flooring Singapore | Why Should You Install Good Home Flooring?

03 January 2022

By: Floorrich Singapore

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A properly-installed flooring with excellent qualities can provide numerous advantages to you and your family. It connects every design element in your home to create a cohesive interior, and it is the one part of your home that will have the most contact with your body while you’re at home. Yet, floors may be one of the most overlooked components of a home. 

Not sure how good home flooring can benefit you? Here are four reasons why it is important to install proper home flooring. 

1. Safety

Flooring can sustain damage and become dirty over time, especially if you’ve been living in the same place for decades and have never replaced your floors. Damaged flooring, such as hardwood floors or natural stones like marble and granite, can pose a safety risk to your family members.

From being scratched by cracks in the floor to splinters from old wood flooring, all of these are dangerous and can be avoided when you replace your flooring with a new one. 

Aside from that, allergens such as dust and pollen can become trapped in old flooring, particularly porous surfaces. These allergens can cause respiratory problems such as asthma. Dirty flooring will also affect your indoor air quality, affecting your health and potentially causing serious health implications. 

Replacing your flooring with a new and high-quality one can help prevent these problems and keep your family safe..

2. Better Insulation

Homogeneous, ceramic, or porcelain tiles are some of the most common flooring types used in Singapore homes. These tiles are cool to the touch and may cause discomfort for some people. Tiled floors can get very cold, especially when the weather cools down due to rainy seasons.

When you install new wood flooring or vinyl flooring in your home, these flooring materials provide better insulation and will not be affected by weather conditions. Your floor will not feel hot on warm and sunny days, and it will not feel cold on rainy nights. 

If you’re still using tile flooring in your home, consider replacing it with wood or vinyl flooring for more comfort underfoot.

3. Visual Appearance

As mentioned previously, flooring that has been in place for many years can become damaged or dirty. They will not look pleasing in your home and may not even be suitable for your home interior anymore, especially if you’ve made changes to your interior over the years. 

Replacing your old flooring with new ones will allow you to install the flooring that is currently in trend and give your home a fresh new look.

With advancements in technology, there are numerous flooring designs to choose from. Particularly with vinyl flooring, you can choose a design that best suits your home interior.

4. Improve Functionality of Your Home

Imagine getting out of bed and not having to worry about the floors being too cold for you because you have proper wood flooring installed. What about being able to walk comfortably and even work out at home without worrying about disturbing your neighbours downstairs? 

Flooring does not just impact the appearance and comfort of your home; it also has an impact on how your home functions. Flooring can affect acoustics in your home and how you get on with your daily activities at home.

So, rather than constantly grappling with the inconveniences that old flooring is giving you, why not replace it with a new one that can help make life more comfortable?

Whether you’re planning to get new flooring installed for your new home or contemplating whether to replace your old flooring, be sure to ask a flooring specialist in Singapore to help you find the flooring material most suitable for your family. 

Do note that if you’re moving into an HDB BTO flat and flooring has already been provided, you will have to wait for 3 years before you can replace your HDB flooring. 

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