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The Optional Component Scheme (OCS) by the HDB is a cost-effective option for new BTO homeowners that installs either vinyl floor strips or polished porcelain in their homes. But what if you’re simply looking to renovate your home? Since flooring plays an integral role in setting a solid foundation for other design elements, how should you then go about your flooring selection without the OCS backing you up? From considering functionality and aesthetics to budget, there are many things to consider but to do that, you’ll have to be well-versed in the myriad of flooring options available in Singapore. In this flooring guide, we’ll cover the common HDB flooring options to ease your selection process.


Budget-friendly and extremely durable, luxury vinyl flooring has been climbing up the popularity ladder since its introduction to the flooring market. Engineered with a top print layer that comes in a variety of colours and styles, vinyl flooring is easy to install and will help bring any design ideas to life. Installing vinyl flooring without hacking your existing floors is also possible – talk about saving costs!

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Vinyl flooring is perfect for the kitchen area since it is slip and water-resistant. Since lots of spills and accidents are bound to happen here, the synthetic polymers in the flooring make it easier to maintain.

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With high dimensional stability due to multiple compressed layers, vinyl flooring is perfect for areas with high foot traffic. Relatively flexible, it is softer underfoot, making it comfortable to walk on. Add this to the fact that Floorrich is an authorised supplier of non-toxic and low VOC vinyl flooring in Singapore, and you’ve got yourself one of the best options for families with the elderly and young children.

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Floorrich │ SPC vinyl flooring

Stone Polymer Composite, or HDB SPC flooring, is manufactured to mimic the appearance of solid timber. Made up of mixed limestone and PVC-based resin, the SPC core is extremely strong and stable.

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Due to the strong SPC core, the flooring has high impact, slip, and scratch resistance. To top it off, it is also 100% waterproof and eco-friendly, making it perfect for installation in homes with pets.


Solid wood flooring never goes out of style. Exuding sophistication, it is a timeless investment that increases the value of a home and has longevity that remains unrivalled. With each grain adding a touch of uniqueness, its ‘stain-ability’ gives homeowners the option to add some colour to the space. What makes Floorrich’s solid wood flooring different? We use Bona Premium water-based coating, supplementing better indoor air quality.

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Being a product of nature, solid wood flooring is highly durable and resistant to humid climates. Extremely versatile, fitting seamlessly with most interior designs, it naturally adds warmth to a space. Worried that it would lose its shine? Fret not – it can be refinished to bring its spark back!

Floorrich │ Solid timber flooring
Floorrich │ Engineered wood flooring


On a budget and looking for a cost-efficient alternative to solid wood flooring? Also known as layered wood flooring, engineered wood flooring is not only eco-friendly and slip-resistant, it is indistinguishable from solid timber but is available at a fraction of the cost.

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Engineered wood flooring has high dimensional stability due to its structure. Since the top layer of the flooring is made of actual solid timber, it looks and feels just like hardwood. Depending on the thickness of this top layer, it can be re-varnished a few times to restore its shine.


The final HDB flooring option to consider is laminate flooring. Though not as water-resistant as compared to Vinyl and SPC Vinyl flooring, it is relatively durable and scratch resistant.

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Easy to install and impact resistant, laminate flooring can withstand wear and tear. This makes it a good option for pet owners too!

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