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Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Home

27 April 2021

By: Floorrich Singapore

You’ve worked hard, saved money religiously, searched high and low for an ideal home, and finally, after a long and arduous journey, found a place you’d love to call home. But if you thought choosing the right home would put an end to all the challenges, you might want to consider one more thing – renovations. Though presenting homeowners with the opportunity to let their creativity run wild, renovations can get a tad bit tiresome when you have to debate between aesthetics and functionality. This is especially so for permanent installations that you’ll have to live with for the long run – we’re talking about your choice of floors. With a wide array of HDB flooring to choose from, how do you decide which one is the best fit? Find the best floor for your home with our detailed flooring guide, so you’ll never find yourself second-guessing your decision.

General Considerations

Some of the common HDB flooring include HDB vinyl flooring, solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, and HDB SPC flooring. Possessing different qualities and properties, one type can work better over the other. When attempting to narrow down on these choices, homeowners typically have to consider the following:

1. Budget

It is a given that renovations can cost a ton. As such, factoring in the price of the flooring is a necessity. From the cost of the floor material to the delivery and installation costs, there are several monetary aspects that you’ll have to take note of when getting new floors. If you plan on hacking old flooring and installing brand new ones, ensure that your budget can accommodate it.

2. Style

As with all other design aspects of home interior decoration, homeowners often contemplate if the flooring they have in mind will fit their interior scheme. Whether you are going for the classic Scandinavian look or ones that follow recent sustainable interior design trends, your floor choice should complement it seamlessly.

3. Lifestyle

This might be a surprise, but your lifestyle needs somehow correlate to the longevity of the flooring. The flooring you go for must adapt to and withstand the consequences of all activities you tend to partake in daily. So, how do you go about choosing flooring that suits your lifestyle? We’ve got you covered!

Types of Homeowners 

To better determine the best floor for your home, you’ll first want to understand the problems you may face when selecting your floor type. We cover five common hurdles that act as roadblocks that cause most homeowners to reconsider their flooring choices. But fret not. We’ve got the solutions for you.

1. I’m on a tight budget

If you thought budget constraints would put a damper on your renovation projects, think again. Although wood flooring is the standard go-to when opulence is at the forefront of your design play, there are other alternatives to consider.

Laminate and HDB vinyl flooring are engineered to look like luxurious floor types and are extremely affordable. Engineered wood flooring is also said to fall into the “sweet spot” with a price tag that is neither too hefty nor too cheap to the point where you’d doubt its quality. 

2. I’ve got furry friends running around

HDB vinyl flooring is designed with a wear layer which makes it highly durable. SPC flooring is also water-resistant and will not buckle or lose its integrity should there be a pool of liquid collecting in a corner. Some flooring companies in Singapore like Floorrich even distribute non-toxic vinyl and SPC flooring, making them great options if you’ve got kids too!

3. I’m not a fan of cleaning 

Wish you never had to clean your home? Any resilient vinyl flooring is the best option since it requires little to no maintenance. Simply taking a damp cloth to it, or sweeping the floor once a while will suffice.

Solid Wood Flooring | Floorrich

4. I’d like to increase my home’s value 

If you’re a homeowner who is always planning ahead, increasing the resale value of your property might be important to you. Instead of choosing carpets that will not increase the value of your property, opt for solid wood flooring or other hard surfaces. Besides the classic and timeless wooden flooring that stands the test of time, engineered wood flooring comes in at a close second with its renowned durability.

5. I’d simply like floors that last 

The age-old question “does it last long” is one to cloud every homeowners’ mind. Unlike furniture pieces that are susceptible to rapid deterioration, flooring made of solid wood is revered for its longevity. With the advancement in technology, new flooring types such as engineered wood, LVT, or SPC, can also last for years if well taken care of.

Now that you are well-informed of the floor type that will effortlessly address any specific concerns, choosing the best one shouldn’t be an issue. It is also worthy of mentioning that the floors throughout your home do not have to match. Coordination will be more than enough. This way, you can install durable options in places with high foot traffic and choose floors of different textures and designs for other spaces – this is probably the best way to cater to different needs. Have queries on choosing the right flooring for your home? Reach out to our experts for some advice.