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Suitable Flooring Types for the Elderly & Young

30 October 2020

By: Floorrich Singapore

Floorrich │ Non-toxic Flooring in Singapore

From selecting your dream home to renovating it to maintaining its pristine condition, owning a home that fits your design ideals is not as easy it seems. One of the main things that require much thought when building your home is flooring. With the many types of HDB flooring available in Singapore, sieving through all the options and deciding on the right flooring type can get overwhelming. As a matter of fact, for some homeowners in Singapore, it becomes trickier when their flooring choice has to cater to the elderly and children they are residing with.

Often associated with safety, carpet is a common flooring for families with the young and elderly – but only overseas. Not a popular choice given Singapore’s humid climate, what are the other alternatives to consider? Whether you are expecting a child, are a parent, or live with an elderly, we cover some of the best flooring options for your HDB or private property.

Pivotal Flooring Factors to Consider

Before getting into the specific types of flooring that would be ideal for installation, there are a few things to consider during your selection process. These include looking out for properties such as:

1. Slip-Resistance

According to the Health Promotion Board (HPB) in Singapore, a third of the elderly aged 65 and above have recurring falls, with one in three experiencing falls each year[1] – and the numbers aren’t going down. Therefore, to reduce the risk of falling, opt for flooring that has a non-slip surface.

2. Easy to Clean & Maintain

With kids running around, stains, spills, and accidents are bound to occur. To avoid doing more than the occasional sweeping and mopping, your flooring choice should be easy to clean.

3. Impact-Resistance

Synonymous with shock absorption, some flooring can cushion a fall, possibly preventing severe injuries. Beyond falling, impact-resistant flooring is great if you have the elderly walking around with canes or mobility aids.

4. Comfortable on the Foot

Walking on hard surfaces for long periods can cause inflammation to the heels – flooring choices thus have to be comfortable.

5. Termite-free

Termite-resistant flooring is always a plus when building a safe home – since termites are capable of triggering allergic reactions with all the shedding and dust production.

6. Safety & Air Quality

Some flooring is manufactured with toxic chemicals. Selecting floors that meet specific health standards will be beneficial to your family in the long run.

Floorrich │ Affordable non-toxic Flooring in Singapore

Floorrich │ Child-friendly non-toxic vinyl flooring in Singapore
Floorrich │ Elderly-friendly non-toxic vinyl flooring in Singapore

Types of Flooring to Consider

To make your decision easier, Floorrich has put together a list of flooring types that have three or more of the above-mentioned flooring properties.

1. Vinyl Flooring

Our vinyl flooring available in Singapore is:

  • Water, slip, impact-resistant & easy to clean: Vinyl flooring is perfect for your HDB or private kitchens, living room, and bedrooms.
  • Eco-Friendly: All flooring by Floorrich is eco-friendly. Awarded the Singapore Green Label accreditation, FloorScore certification standard, and the Singapore Green Building Council’s Green Certification, our flooring is a sustainable and green alternative.
  • Termite-Proof: Vinyl flooring is made of synthetic materials, so termites will never be a problem.
  • Low VOC and Non-Phthalate: A non-toxic flooring option, safe indoor air quality is assured with our vinyl flooring.
  • Strong dimensional stability: Engineered with a strong core, it is comfortable on the feet and absorbs sound from high foot traffic.
2. Wood Flooring

Our wood flooring available in Singapore is:

  • Comfortable to walk on: Made from natural timber, the flooring has a natural bounce to it.
  • Safe: Timber flooring does not collect dust, mould, or pollen, making it a great option if your kids have allergies.
  • 100% natural and eco-friendly: Floorrich uses Bona Premium water-based coating for all wood flooring. This sustains better indoor air quality.
  • High dimensional stability and slip-resistance: If considering timber alternatives, engineered timber flooring is an affordable option.

Need help deciding on the best flooring option for your family? Feel free to contact us for more information!