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What Is WPC Decking And Why Is It The Best Option For Outdoor Flooring?

17 December 2021

By: Floorrich Singapore

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We often spend hours, days, and weeks planning out how we want the interior of our homes to turn out, but what about the outdoor spaces that come together with our homes? We’re talking about balconies in condominiums and outdoor swimming pools in landed properties. 

Whilst the appearance of your home interior is important and your main priority, how your outdoor space looks will ultimately affect the overall aesthetic value of your home. 

The first step towards beautifying your outdoor space is to install appropriate outdoor flooring that will last a long time. They demarcate your indoor and outdoor zones, provide a resort-like atmosphere, and should be able to withstand Singapore’s everchanging harsh weather conditions.

So, what is the ideal flooring option for your balcony decking and the space surrounding your swimming pool? We take a dive into WPC decking and why it’s the best option for your outdoor flooring in Singapore. 

What Is WPC Decking?

WPC is short for Wood Plastic Composite, where 60% of it is made out of artificial wood fibre, 30% of it plastic composite, and 10% of other additives. It is an eco-friendly outdoor flooring material made with co-extrusion technology; a technique in which two or more polymer materials are pushed together to form a multilayer structure, making it three to four times more scratch-resistant than a normal deck. 

Benefits of WPC Decking

  1. Excellent Durability

WPC decking is an ideal outdoor flooring solution because of its longer lifespan compared to a traditional timber deck. Due to the additional strength of the thermal plastic components, WPC decking is highly resistant to rot and decay and heat and wet weather conditions. On top of that, it has great strength and stability and does not corrode easily.

  1. Natural Appearance

Wood has always been a natural material that can blend perfectly into any environment. As the WPC decking is usually made out of wood fibres, its natural wood grain appearance makes it the perfect choice for outdoor flooring. 

  1. Sustainable

WPC decking is considered a sustainable and eco-friendly material because it is made of primarily recycled materials such as recycled plastics and waste products of the wood industry. If you’re someone who is concerned about your carbon footprint, do consider WPC for your balcony decking and other outdoor flooring needs. 

The WPC decking material offered by Floorrich has also obtained the Green Label Certification; a label given to industrial and consumer products that have fewer negative effects on our environment. 

  1. Safe To Use

WPC decking is safe for you and your family if you have elderly parents, young children, or pets at home. They are insect-proof, slip-resistant, splinter-free and do not crack easily. Your family can move around freely without the worry of falling or cutting themselves. 

Floorrich’s WPC decking material was also awarded the R11 classification after going through slip resistance tests, while other deckings in the market typically only achieve the R10 classification. Some other tests that we’ve performed on our WPC decking material include falling mass resistance, abrasion test and indentation test. 

How To Maintain WPC Decking?

When it comes to choosing the right material for your outdoor flooring, be it for balcony decking or poolside decking, its maintenance requirement is very important because you wouldn’t want to spend hours and lots of money on keeping it clean and in tip-top condition. 

The good news is, WPC decking doesn’t require special treatment for maintenance. Regular cleaning such as sweeping, vacuuming and light scrubbing with water and a soft bristle brush is enough to remove dirt and prevent the buildup of stubborn stains. A simple spray with a high-pressure water hose would suffice too.

Planning to do up new flooring for your home or thinking of changing up your outdoor flooring? Floorrich is the place to go. Floorrich is a trusted flooring supplier in Singapore with over 20 years of experience. Contact us today for all your wood, vinyl and SPC flooring solutions.