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With the latest advancements, Floorrich stands at the forefront of flooring innovation.

Why is Floorrich Decking Different From Others?

04 April 2024

By: Floorrich Singapore

With the latest advancements, Floorrich stands at the forefront of flooring innovation.

With the latest advancements, Floorrich stands at the forefront of flooring innovation. Source: Floorrich

Floorrich Flooring stands apart from its competitors. We offer an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to enhance outdoor spaces with durability and appeal. The company focuses on robustness, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility. Their wood decking for balcony creations delivers unparalleled value and beauty, making it the preferred choice for discerning homeowners and architects alike.

Use of the Latest Innovations

Floorrich stands at the forefront of flooring innovation. We use the latest advancements to elevate the installation process, enhancing the durability of outdoor spaces. One standout feature that distinguishes it from many competitors is VersiJack technology. 

VersiJack is a heavy-duty height and slope-adjustable pedestal with various applications, including floor, deck, paver, beam, and bearer support. Furthermore, VersiJack provides several benefits, such as sound transmission, increased heat insulation, and the ability to conceal uneven surfaces within the cavity under the elevated platform. It also allows easy access to composite decking when needed. 


Composite decking is perfect for Singapore’s climate. It’s a blend of resin and wood fibres, combining the best materials and making it incredibly durable against rots, decays, and termites. Its water-resistant properties make it ideal for outdoor decking, ensuring it lasts longer and requires less maintenance.


Maintaining Floorrich Decking is a breeze. Thanks to its plastic component, it’s moisture-resistant, meaning a quick sweep keeps it smooth and splinter-free. Plus, it’s stain, fade, and mould-resistant, requiring minimal upkeep. You can use it to build decks, patios, pathways, or poolside areas in your home. 

Visual Appeal

FirmaDeck stands out for its stunning aesthetics. With high-definition wood grain patterns and vibrant colours, it offers a natural look and feel. It’s available in various styles, colours, and finishes. You can match different interior designs, adding charm to any space. This visual appeal makes it perfect for use for outdoor decking in Singapore.

Sustainable Materials

Floorrich offers durable, eco-friendly outdoor composite decking. It’s made from sustainable materials, reducing environmental impact. Ideal for garden or balcony flooring, it’s a responsible choice for Singapore properties. Its installation doesn’t involve harmful substances, making it environmentally safe. With Floorrich’s sustainable composite decking, you get durability and eco-friendliness in one package. Thus contributing positively to environmental conservation.

Why Choose Us?

When choosing outdoor decking for your Singapore property, consider durability and suitability for the tropical climate. Composite flooring, like those from Floorrich, offers both. It’s designed to withstand the heat and humidity while resembling real timber. Plus, it’s resistant to rot, decay, and termites, requiring minimal maintenance. Whether for decks, balconies, or gardens doesn’t matter. 

Get Your New Flooring Solution Today! 

Floorrich is an innovative product that offers exciting flooring solutions. Their features blend durability, harmony, and aesthetics. Are you ready to elevate your outdoor space? Trust Floorich for premium flooring solutions and exceptional customer care. Contact the Floorrich team today for added peace of mind and enjoy the benefits. Speak to our consultant to take advantage of our latest products.