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What is SPC Flooring?

02 December 2020

By: Floorrich Singapore

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From vinyl flooring to laminate flooring, gone are the days where there was only one flooring option to consider for residential and commercial spaces. Of the many options available in the market today, you might have noticed a massive influx of flooring with acronyms for names – LVF, LVT, SPC, WPC. These aforementioned are probably the most resilient products available today. We’ve already covered what vinyl flooring is and will therefore be covering another high-performing flooring in this blog – SPC flooring. A relatively new and popular option amongst HDB owners in Singapore, SPC flooring is slowly catching on due to its affordability, durability, and other stream of properties.

What is SPC Flooring Made of?

SPC is defined as Stone Plastic Composite or Stone Polymer Composite. Using advanced technologies, planks of unparalleled durability are engineered. it is made up of four layers – the top wear layer, a printed vinyl layer, a rigid core, and the final backing layer. The top two layers serve the same function as the popular vinyl flooring. The protective wear layer is crucial for the lifespan of your flooring, preventing excessive wear and tear. As its name suggests, the printed vinyl layer is manufactured with realistic images that mimic the look of materials like stone, ceramic, or wood.

Now, here’s where you get the most bang for your buck – the core! A mixture of limestone and PVC-based resin, the core layer makes up about 50 to 60% of the flooring’s composition. High in density and dimensional stability, this core layer is what makes SPC stand out from the other flooring types.

How to Clean SPC Flooring?

Like any other flooring, it is crucial that the floors are cleaned properly, and furniture is moved gently to prevent damage. HDB SPC flooring normally comes with an interlocking tongue and groove system – this means that they can be easily replaced if damaged.

How to maintain spc flooring?

Sure, you can ask guests to remove their shoes before they enter your home. But even so, food spills and accidents can stain the floors – what’s worse is if left unattended for too long, warping may occur.

The benefits of installing spc flooring

Being one of the more affordable and highly water-resistant flooring types, these properties in and of itself distinguishes SPC flooring from other available options commonly available in Singapore. To add to that, they are easy to install, even over any existing hard and uneven floors. With homeowners not needing to remove their existing subfloors or tile works before installation, it saves cost from hacking works. This ultra-durable and low maintenance flooring also come in a range of designs as their print layers are customisable to look like luxurious alternatives.

Featuring our SPC Vinyl Flooring in Champagne Light.

Frequently Asked Questions about SPC Flooring

1. Are SPC floors good?

Personal preferences aside, it is revered for its durability and affordability – making them great flooring options when installed in the right places.

2. Is SPC better than WPC?

WPC stands for Wood Plastic Composite, which also has a durable core layer. Therefore, it boils down to the place of installation. Generally, all flooring is durable and lasts long when installed properly and maintained well.

3. Are SPC floors toxic?

Like all flooring from Floorrich, our SPC options are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Though it is best to check for reports and certification to ensure they are non-toxic, in general, SPC floors do not release formaldehyde or any radioactive substances – making it a great flooring choice for parents, or pet-owners.

4. Do SPC floors expand?

The stone core material does not shrink or expand – and it is also highly water-resistant. Simply put, it will not expand regardless of humid weather or water leaks.

5. Where to install SPC floors?

Given its properties, it can be installed in places such as the basements, kitchens, and other commercial spaces.

6. Where to buy HDB SPC flooring in Singapore?

It is important to check the source of the flooring product. Even the best flooring company in Singapore could supply compromised products. Therefore, it is best to rely on a trusted flooring provider with years of experience and a vast portfolio.