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The Pros And Cons Of Vinyl Wood Flooring

03 December 2021

By: Floorrich Singapore

Vinyl wood flooring, as one of the more economical flooring options in Singapore, is a very popular flooring choice among homeowners due to the numerous benefits and good properties it provides. 

Perhaps you’ve seen several interior design portfolios with vinyl flooring and are thinking if you should join the rest of Singapore in installing vinyl flooring, or maybe you don’t quite understand why it’s popular. We’ve listed some of its pros and cons below to assist you in making an informed decision.


1. Durable and Easy to Maintain

Vinyl wood flooring is highly durable if properly cared for. They are not only water-resistant but also scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Of course, you should still avoid damaging your flooring with sharp, abrasive tools and refrain from leaving water and spills on the floor as they can still cause damage over time. 

Vinyl wood flooring is also a non-porous material, which means that bacteria, germs, and other harmful particles cannot be trapped within them, making them hypoallergenic and safe for children and the elderly.

2. Value for Money

With all these good properties, you would assume that vinyl wood flooring would cost a lot, but that’s not the case. Their prices vary depending on their quality and type, but prices are relatively low and range between $3 and $6.50 per square foot, which is substantially cheaper than hardwood and stone flooring. This makes them highly desired flooring options because you get more for less money.

3. Easy to Install

The technology in vinyl wood flooring has improved over the years and they are so easy to install that contractors can finish laying your entire home in one day, depending on the size of your home.

The sheets and tiles often come with adhesive backs and interlocking tongue and groove systems that allow them to adhere to the ground and “click” onto one another easily. They can also be installed on top of other flooring materials, eliminating the need for removal.

This means that if you are thinking of switching your current flooring out for vinyl wood flooring, you can get it done within the day, and if you’re installing it in a new home, it can help to shorten the renovation duration. 

4. Unique Designs

Vinyl wood flooring, due to its man made nature, can be printed in a variety of designs and styles. While most of us are familiar with wood patterns, they can also come in solid colours. 

You can even choose to install your vinyl wood flooring in unique ways such as herringbone, chevron or diagonal patterns to create a dynamic design and interesting appearance in your home. 


1. Inconsistent Quality

Although vinyl wood flooring is a fantastic choice, it does have certain drawbacks. There are numerous types of vinyl wood flooring in Singapore, and the quality varies depending on what you choose.

The thickness of vinyl ranges from 2mm to 8mm. Thinner ones are more affordable, but they are more prone to damage and indentation, whilst thicker ones have higher stability and durability.

2. Indentation

Vinyl wood flooring is actually a rather soft material unlike stone plastic composite (SPC) or hardwood flooring, hence, it is prone to dents caused by heavy furniture.

If you’re someone who likes to experiment with your home layout, vinyl wood flooring may not be for you. After a piece of furniture has been in place for a while, it can cause the vinyl to dent, and when you move it, the dent can be a permanent eyesore.

Now that you’re well equipped with the pros and cons of vinyl wood flooring, you can weigh your options and make an informed decision about whether to install this flooring at home.
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