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The Pros And Cons Of SPC Flooring

03 December 2021

By: Floorrich Singapore

SPC Flooring samples

We are all familiar with vinyl flooring due to its numerous advantages and affordability. It is also one of the most popular flooring solutions available in Singapore. In recent years, a relatively new flooring material has been gaining traction and could even be the next top flooring choice amongst homeowners in Singapore, do you know what it is? 

This flooring material is none other than the Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) flooring. It is categorised under a type of vinyl flooring and you should be keeping your eye on it if you’re thinking of getting your home flooring done. If you wish to learn more about this material or you’re not sure if it will be suitable for your home, we’ve shared some of its pros and cons in this article. 

Pros of SPC Flooring

1. Durable and easy to maintain

SPC flooring, like vinyl flooring, is waterproof and scratch-resistant. It is also resistant to day-to-day traffic and can last for a good 15 to 20 years. SPC flooring is also easy to maintain; a quick sweep, mop, or vacuum can keep your floor looking pristine. Due to its non-porous properties, it is also hypoallergenic and won’t trap germs and bacteria within its layers.

2. Affordable

Despite its many amazing properties, SPC flooring is reasonably priced, costing roughly the same as other vinyl flooring counterparts at $3 to $5 per square foot and offering far better value for money compared to hardwood or natural stone flooring.

3. Easy to install

SPC floors are very easy to install because of their interlocking tongue and groove system that allow these sheets to easily “click” into place and adhere to the ground. They can also be installed above certain existing flooring materials you have installed at home except for vinyl and laminate flooring. Installation can even be done within a day depending on the size of your home, making redecorating a breeze.

4. Comfort

SPC flooring is composed of 4 layers or more, which makes it feel much more substantial underfoot. Its dense layers also assist in absorbing sound when you walk on it, making it quieter and more comfortable for everyone in the house. 

5. Style

SPC flooring is made in a similar manner as vinyl flooring, with several layers of materials combined together before a decorative layer is applied on top. As this ornamental layer can be printed with a number of colours and patterns, you can get SPC flooring in a variety of styles that appear like hardwood, tile, or stone to match the interior design of your home.

Cons of SPC Flooring

1. Variety

Due to it being relatively new to the market and not as popular as traditional vinyl flooring, its selection is still rather limited. Although it does come in quite a few styles, your options will not be as extensive as vinyl wood flooring. 

If you’re thinking of refurbishing your home, or you are a new homeowner on the lookout for a good flooring material for your new home, SPC flooring should be on your list of flooring options due to its multiple benefits. Now that you know more about its pros and cons, you can make a sound decision that suits you best. 

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