How to Soundproof Vinyl Flooring & the Benefits

The popularity of vinyl floors is growing in the flooring industry. Inspired by floating floors, vinyl floors have a foam-backing design and flexible material, making it a great sound absorber. There are many reasons why some might want to soundproof their flooring and fortunately, a variety of effective acoustic solutions to soundproof vinyl flooring exists. […]

A Guide To Choosing A Suitable Bedroom Flooring

Our bedrooms are personal havens where we spend the majority of our time resting and rejuvenate before the start of a new day. The interior design and vibe of our bedrooms must be comfortable and to our liking in order for it to be a conducive environment for optimal relaxation. While furnishings, scent, and temperature […]

Flooring Qualities for an Eco-Friendly Home

The world is obsessed with sustainability these days, and people are becoming more conscious of how they live and consume, attempting to reduce their carbon footprint in order to protect our environment. Some of us reduce our use of plastic, while others participate in or donate to causes that promote green consumerism and sustainability. Aside […]

4 Signs that it’s Time to Replace your Flooring

Flooring materials, no matter how long-lasting, will deteriorate and need to be replaced after a certain period of time – some may last ten years, while others may begin to cause problems after three to five years. While it is acceptable to continue using old flooring, there are times when too much is too much […]