Floorrich Compdeck

Floorrich CompDeck

Generally, wood is the go-to material when it comes to decking material. However, there are different variants of it – from 100% timber decking to composites, homeowners are spoilt with the many choices available in the flooring market. One of these options is composite wood flooring. Low maintenance, eco-friendly, long-lasting, and high-performance – these are the words commonly associated with it. Also known as Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), these are one of the best wood decking materials many consider when creating an outdoor oasis.

Why Install Composite Wood Flooring?

With the tropical climate of Singapore, homeowners need to consider several factors when choosing the right decking material. From its ability to withstand the outdoor heat to its appearance, composite decking is designed to look and feel like solid timber decking – along with other added benefits. A few of the advantages associated with WPC decking includes:

  • Durability

Made from a combination of resin and wood fibers, the deck possesses the qualities of both. WPC is known for being water-resistant as well as its durability to withstand rots, decays and termites.

  • Eco-Friendly

Like all flooring offered by Floorrich, our outdoor composite decking are environmentally-friendly due to its ethically sourced materials.

  • Low Maintenance

The plastic in the deck protects the surface from moisture. Therefore, simple sweeping will help maintain this smooth and splinter-free material.

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