Outdoor Wood Decking in Singapore

Many homeowners are now putting in creative thought into their balconies and outdoor spaces, some even turning it into a mini sanctuary to find reprieve. To make a clear division between the outdoor and indoor space of your home, utilising different flooring would be ideal. So, what is the best flooring option for outdoor spaces?

When it comes to an outdoor space, flooring materials must be chosen wisely as they are exposed to UV rays and weather changes such as rain. Therefore, a good outdoor decking material that is not susceptible to these climate changes in Singapore would be the best choice. Some of these outdoor decking options available in Singapore include:

  1. Outdoor Wood Decking
  2. Outdoor Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Decking

1. Outdoor Wood Decking

Outdoor wood decking, also known as timber decking, is just like wood flooring. Possessing the natural look and feel of real wood, its natural graining adds a touch of uniqueness to any space. Since it is 100% wood, a rustic vibe will be added to your space, whether the decking is installed indoors or outdoors.

2. Outdoor WPC Decking

Outdoor WPC decking is the newer, more technologically advanced counterpart of timber decking. What is WPC? WPC stands for Wood Plastic Composite. As its name suggests, it is a composite wood decking engineered by combining plastic and wood. Through a heated process, the two materials are combined to form resilient planks that mimic the look of authentic wood.

Properties of Outdoor Decking in Singapore

Whether you have decided to purchase WPC or solid wood decking for your outdoor space, at Floorrich Singapore, you can rest assured that our products are of top-quality. Common properties shared between both types of outdoor decking includes:

  • Durability

Just like wood composite decking, hardwood alternatives also do not rot easily when exposed to the climatic changes outdoors. As timber is a hardwood from nature, decking made from this material is durable enough to withstand the humidity and weather changes in Singapore.

  • High Dimensional Stability

Just like how the synthetic make-up of outdoor composite wood decking commonly used in Singapore is engineered to have high dimensional stability, timber decks naturally possess this quality. This is due to its high Janka hardness, making it an ideal decking choice to be installed in your premises in Singapore regardless of the frequency of walk-in traffic.

  • Easy to Maintain

Similar to composite decking, which requires very little maintenance, the longevity of timber decking can be increased with proper care and regular maintenance. Ensure that the decking is professionally installed so that no warping takes place in the future.

  • Eco Friendly

All decking offered by Floorrich Singapore is made of ethically sourced material. They are thus a sustainable and eco-friendly decking choice for both indoor and outdoor installations.

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To revamp your outdoor space, opt for a resilient and easy to maintain outdoor solid wood or composite decking available at Floorrich Singapore. Contact us to learn more about our decking supply and installation services.

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