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How Floor Colours, Textures & Patterns Impact the Look of Your Home

20 January 2023

By: Floorrich Singapore

How Floor Colours Textures and Patterns Impact the Look of Your Home

The way you style your home speaks volumes about your personality. One of the most important factors that contribute to an appealing home interior is the choice of flooring. To choose an ideal flooring, you should consider the colours, textures and patterns as they serve as the stylistic building blocks of your home’s decorating palette. As flooring is known as the foundation for the overall aesthetics of the house, the three aforementioned elements are vital to creating the perfect style, mood, and feel of your dream home. Read on to learn how they can impact the look of your abode.

1. Floor colours

Floor colours play a huge role in influencing the overall appearance of your interior style as it needs to complement your furniture, walls and other elements. Hence, it is important to ensure the colour of your floor goes well with every aspect of your home. Take a look at the following factors that determine your choice of flooring in Singapore, while taking colours into account.

  • Space and temperature

Floor colours can help to create a sense of visual space. If you would like your room to look larger, go for lighter floor colours. On the contrary, a darker floor material can make a room more cosy and intimate. 

  • Setting the mood

Different floor colours set the mood of your home respectively. Refer to the following ideas on how each colour can create a different ambience:

  • Red helps to boost energy and appetite.
  • Blue has a calming effect and provides a comfortable feeling.
  • Green is perfect for areas focused on rejuvenation.
  • Yellow stimulates people and promotes happiness.
  • Purple helps to present a subtle feeling of luxury.

2. Floor textures 

After selecting your desired furniture, accessories and floor colours, floor textures are the next thing that requires your attention. Textures create different styles for your space. In addition, textured floors can do a lot for a room, adding depth and warmth to your interior designs, and providing great contrast to both shiny and smooth surfaces that you’re using to design your space. For instance, a distressed floor texture can give off a vintage vibe. Meanwhile, vinyl flooring is made from a mixture of ethylene and chlorine, which are then converted into PVC, and combined with other materials. The flooring comes with various patterns, tones and strengths under a compounding process. With the wide variety of finish types, flexibility and transparency levels, vinyl floor texture makes a popular alternative to natural materials as it can be incorporated in both domestic and commercial environments.

3. Floor patterns

Every little detail of the decoration in your home comes with a purpose and meaning, and this is the same for flooring. Floor patterns offer benefits in the context of style and appearance, developing a visually pleasing look for your home interior. Here are the two most popular options that will suit both HDB and other residential flooring needs:


  • Random lay pattern

The width of the blocks may vary in each row but the pattern itself is consistent. It is available in either a straight or diagonal pattern. This flooring style can add a lot of character to space, creating uniqueness like a piece of art. Besides, installing this flooring parallel to the longest wall can make a room look bigger.

  • Herringbone pattern

Herringbone pattern features a characteristic V-shaped weave. Its repeated arrangement is created from simple rectangular blocks. There is not a certain limit for the angle of these blocks. Most people choose traditional herringbone wood flooring as their favourite because of its distinctive pattern and uniformity.

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There are also other tips to choose a floor pattern. Keep on reading to find out more:

  • You should choose a more subtle and muted flooring to match your interior, if you already have bold furniture, vivid walls and patterned throw pillows.
  • A herringbone pattern should blend well with your basic walls and furniture as it adds interest through a patterned tile design.
HDB vinyl flooring for your homes in Singapore

  • Bring a touch of nature into your home through HDB vinyl flooring in wood patterns and a matte finish.

We hope you find this article useful and that it will come in handy when you are selecting a suitable floor colour, texture and pattern. Paying attention to these three elements and making the right choice can make or break your home’s outlook.

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