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Party Time! Prevent Floor Damage this Holiday Season

02 December 2020

By: Floorrich Singapore

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The holidays are around the corner, and like most people, you probably can’t wait to get the party started. As you prepare to host a small get-together with family and friends, there are surely many things on your mind as you play host, and the last thing that you should be worried about is damaging your floors. In this blog, we cover flooring tips that will come in handy as you host an epic year-end party.

Possible Mishaps & Floor Damage

What could possibly go wrong at a party right? Well, a lot. From drink spills to skid marks from furniture, hosting a party is sure to damage your floors one way or another. Here are some common accidents you might encounter:

1. Wear & Tear from High Foot Traffic

Flooring with a very thin or low-quality protective layer are subject to more wear and tear. Vinyl flooring, for example, comes with a wear layer that varies in thickness – the thicker the wear layer, the less susceptible your floor is to high foot traffic.

2. Spills, Stains, Dirt & Mud Tracks

Sure, you can ask guests to remove their shoes before they enter your home. But even so, food spills and accidents can stain the floors – what’s worse is if left unattended for too long, warping may occur.

3. Scratches from Furniture Movement

With guests shifting and dragging furniture across the room, your floor is at the receiving end of harsh, unsightly scratches.


How to Prevent Floor Damage?

Imagine this – you host the best party of the year, and the next day you are looking up contractors to fix damages to your floor. That surely will not sit well with any homeowners. So, what can you do to prevent possible damages?

1. Always maintain your Floors

It is a given that regular sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming helps maintain your flooring as it removes dirt and micro-abrasives. Therefore, before and after your party, be sure to spruce up your space.

2. No Shoe Policy

As mentioned, footwear can carry dirt and transfer it around your home. Get your guests to remove their shoes before entering your home. This way, relatively damaging footwear like heels will not damage your floors either.

3. Put on ‘Cover leg supports’ for your furniture

Before the party, use sticky felt pads under tables and chairs so that scratches on your floor is prevented when your guests drag them across the room.

4. Use rugs or carpets

Place rugs and floor runners in areas of your home that are more prone to accidents, like the bustling living room space.

Flooring Properties to Look out for

Beyond the above-mentioned steps to take, when choosing the best flooring option for your home, below is the list of several properties to look out for to ensure your flooring stays in pristine condition for a long time.

  • Durability
  • Easy to Clean 
  • Easy to Maintain 
  • Repairable

If Hosting Parties is Your Thing, Consider These!

When selecting the best fit flooring for your home, your lifestyle is one thing to consider. If hosting guests is a weekly affair, there are a few flooring options that will save you the hassle of constant repair and replacement work. Some of these include:

1. Vinyl flooring

One of the most popular HDB flooring types, luxury vinyl flooring is a resilient flooring type, hence highly durable. Hosting a party? Not a problem. The top decorative layer of vinyl flooring adds visual appeal to the space in addition to its robust wear layer. To add to that, they are perfect for quick revamping projects as they can be installed over existing subfloors in a jiffy. Easy to clean, homeowners will not have to worry about how to maintain their vinyl flooring.

2. Laminate flooring

Another popular HDB flooring, laminate floors are cost-efficient and are available in a variety of colours and designs. Just like vinyl flooring, they are easy to maintain.

3. Engineered wood flooring

There are many types of wood flooring and engineered timber flooring is a cheaper alternative to the hardwood alternatives. These wooden flooring types are easy to remove and replace when damaged due to their click and lock installation system. Not sure which flooring type will best suit your home and your lifestyle? Get in touch with the flooring specialists of Floorrich for more information.