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Flooring & Home Interior Design Trends of 2021

24 December 2020

By: Floorrich Singapore

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When fashion or design is involved, there is no denying that trends always come and go. With the New Year’s just around the corner, new design trends are bound to emerge too. So, how do you pick the best flooring for your home and ensure that it will stay in style? The obvious is to look at current interior design trends, pick the one that complements your personal preferences, and work from there. To kickstart this process, we look at some of the new design trends to expect in 2021!

Home Interior Design Themes to Look Out For

As mentioned, it is pivotal to look at current trends to gauge possible changes – this is known as trend forecasting. Flooring can be categorised as a macrotrend since its changes occur over a longer period of time due to lifestyle and demographic changes. Through long-term trend forecasting and taking a big picture approach, we predict three major shifts in flooring trends.

1. Personal Haven

There is no denying that the pandemic has dramatically changed the way we live, work, and play. Homeowners are looking to remodel their homes to be a haven where they can find reprieve since we inevitably spend more time at home due to the many restrictions in place. It thus comes as no surprise that new design trends will focus on creating spots for relaxation. 

Low-maintenance flooring and outdoor decking will be a top pick. Most homes in Singapore come with balconies. Why not turn it into an exquisite outdoor space with timber decking? Outdoor composite decking is ideal for such design ventures, even allowing you to build raised platforms indoors. Durable, eco-friendly, and low maintenance, wood plastic composite decking checks all the boxes when attempting to create an outdoor (or indoor) sanctuary.

2. Minimalism for the Win

Over the top design is out and minimalism is in. With the hustle and bustle of life, durability is key and functional design will be the focus for some time to come. As a matter of fact, many are already reverting to classics like wood flooring to achieve the perfect balance of class and modernity. When budget becomes a concern, alternatives like vinyl flooring that mimics the look of parquet wood flooring will be great to install in your HDB.

3. Innovative Tech, Non-Toxic & Going Green

Now more than ever, many homeowners are questioning if their flooring is healthy for them. With advanced technology, a new stream of flooring options is available for homeowners to consider. It is foreseeable that newer selections will be engineered with easy installation, less upkeep, and maintenance in mind. Non-toxic flooring will also be the best option for people who are more conscious of their health. Non-toxic vinyl flooring by Floorrich, for example, are eco-friendly and FloorScore® certified – one of the best options when looking for non-toxic flooring that is relevant to upcoming and current interior design trends.

Choosing a Trendy Flooring for Your Home

Given the above-mentioned properties the popular flooring of 2021 will possess, we narrow down the specific types that will presumably take the world by storm.

1. Type of Flooring

Hard surfaced flooring will be in trend – this includes non-toxic vinyl flooring and engineered timber flooring. Why? Because they are non-toxic, green, and require minimal effort in maintaining.

2. The Look of the Flooring

Flooring that mimics the look of natural materials such as stone and wood will probably be in trend. This includes options like American white oak engineered flooring and composite wood flooring that are manufactured to look like genuine hardwood.

3. Colour of the Floor

Cool tone, light greys, and those that mimic colours of nature are perfect when designing a space for relaxation. Of the many types of wood flooring, the light washes as seen in our white oak flooring will imbue a space with calmness. Looking for non-toxic flooring that does not emit harmful toxins and maintains a healthy environment in your home? All the flooring options, including our range of outdoor wood decking, are eco-friendly. For more information on our certification, trending flooring types, and the best option for your living space, contact us.