Ever since the earliest times, solid timber flooring has been a common choice for indoor and outdoor flooring in Singapore as it provides good aesthetic as well as being durable. Solid timber flooring is in great demand, which explains the presence of engineered wood as an inexpensive alternative and vinyl flooring made to replicate the look of natural wood. However, when it comes to selecting flooring that exudes natural beauty and timelessness, solid timber is still a popular option among homeowners and designers in Singapore.

Solid timber is a natural and organic construction material, meaning, it is manufactured from wood logs and did not include a synthetic component in it. As a product of nature, solid timber flooring tends to warm up space effortlessly while adding a hint of opulence to even the quaintest rooms. Available in a wide range of stains and graining, selecting the best type of wood flooring for any space draws down to personal design preferences.

Our versatile collection of wood flooring includes Patagonian Walnut, Ipe-Walnut, Burmese Walnut, American Walnut, Golden Teak, Indonesian Teak, Burmese Teak, Brazilian Teak, Indian Rosewood, American White Oak, American Maple, Brazilian Cherry, Carbonised-Bamboo (Vertical), Bamboo (Horizontal) and more.

Benefits of SOLID WOOD FLOORING in your Home

In the property market, timber flooring is known to add value due to its exclusivity. Manufactured from timber sourced from trees such as walnut, teak, maple, oak etc., it innately possesses great qualities. This makes solid timber flooring ideal for residential, and at times, commercial installation because of its higher resistance against dents, scratches, and scuffs compared to softwood materials. A list of its benefits includes:

Durability and Resistance

Floorrich’s solid timber flooring is also known for its durability. Using Bona Premium water-based coating, our solid wood flooring is more resistant to wear. This makes it a versatile option that caters well to the varying conditions and lifestyles of most homeowners in Singapore. High quality and sturdy timber flooring will usually last for decades! If required, this style of flooring can be quickly resurfaced. Other floorings, on the other hand, must be renewed after some years due to factors such as streaks, pores, or defects, as well as regular wear and tear.

Dimensional Stability

Hardwood flooring is dense and sturdy, making it suitable for the humidity and fluctuating temperature in Singapore.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Using Bona Premium water-based coating, our eco-friendly solid wood flooring supplements better air quality in your home. This also ensures that you and your family will not be exposed to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) or formaldehyde emissions that could lead to adverse health effects in the long-run.


Made of thick chunks of solid wood, this flooring will not only enhance the visual appeal of your home’s interior but will also last for generations. Its look can be revitalised and retained by sanding and varnishing, unlike other flooring options that must be replaced once damaged.


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Need inspiration for your property? Check out our photo gallery for completed solid timber flooring projects by Floorrich to get inspired!

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