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  • Floorrich Global Pte. Ltd. (“Floorrich,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our”) makes every effort to ensure that information provided by the company in the digital platforms is accurate. However, We cannot guarantee this and accepts no liability for any information or advice given via its websites.
  • All information provided on Our digital platforms is for general information and research purposes only; graphics are photographed may or may not be photo-edited for aesthetic purposes. Hence, the surrounding lighting may or may not affect the actual product and may or may not have visual difference. The users shall not expect a 100% match of what they see on the website.
  • We make no representations or guarantees of any kind, whether express explicitly or in an implied manner, about the accuracy, reliability and suitability with respect to the information, recommendations, relevant pictures etc. in this website for any purpose. The readers hold 100% responsibility on any reliance they place on the information of this website.
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  • By using Our service(s), you allow Us to take picture of the job site unless otherwise agreed. If you would like to opt out from this, it is your responsibility to inform Us.
  • One must seek for permission before using Floorrich’s image(s). The use of Floorrich’s images is solely to promote Floorrich’s products.

product related
  • Floorrich pursues a policy of continual development and improvement and so, We may change the product specifications without prior notice. All dimensions listed herein are only nominal. It is the user’s responsibility to contact Us for real time accurate product information.
  • The flooring stocks We have available in Our warehouse may vary from time to time. We cannot promise that We have ready stocks for all products shown on Our website at any one time, hence it is your responsibility to reserve the flooring design(s) needed in advance, prior to installation date.
  • Solid timber is a natural product which is hygroscopic. Its moisture content changes in response to the temperature and relative humidity of its surroundings.
  • The size of the timber might vary depending on the moisture level of the surroundings. Solid timber shrinkage is a natural phenomenon that occurs when “bound water” is lost or obtained from the wood. This is not a defect. When the relative humidity of the atmosphere decreases, the size of the solid timber may decrease, and vice versa.
  • We do not provide warrantee and/or guarantee for natural products like solid timber and/or semi-natural product like engineered wood.

  • Floorrich might alter, add, or amend the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer from time to time, and We have the right to do so without informing. If necessary, users should return to this page to obtain updated information.