Benefits of FirmaFlor; Eco-Friendly Flooring From Floorrich

Written By HomeRenoGuru Singapore-based flooring specialist Floorrich is paving the way for the industry with a family of five certified environmentally friendly flooring products under its exclusive FirmaFlor brand. Here’s why Singaporeans are confidently choosing FirmaFlor for their homes and workplaces. The Certainty of Certification Tread lightly. Lower your carbon footprint. Green is the new […]

How Floor Colours, Textures & Patterns Impact the Look of Your Home

The way you style your home speaks volumes about your personality. One of the most important factors that contribute to an appealing home interior is the choice of flooring. To choose an ideal flooring, you should consider the colours, textures and patterns as they serve as the stylistic building blocks of your home’s decorating palette. […]

Answering FAQs About Engineered Wood Flooring

Written By HomeRenoGuru In Singapore, more homeowners are opting for engineered wood flooring as it gives a natural yet elegant look to their house interior. The flooring can serve as an ideal alternative to solid wood flooring. Read the FAQs below to get a clearer picture of what engineered wood flooring is and how it […]

Beginner’s Guide to Maintaining HDB Vinyl Flooring

Flooring is among the essential elements in your HDB flat. During home renovations, the flooring installation and setup process can amount to a significant sum. Therefore, maintaining high flooring cleaning standards is key. Dirty flooring may jeopardise our health if it becomes a breeding site for bacteria. In Singapore, vinyl flooring has been chosen by […]

The Ultimate A to Z Guide to Wooden Flooring for Homes

Step into any Singaporean home and you’ll notice that wooden flooring, or wood-style flooring, is one of the most common flooring types. It is highly sought after and continues to be popular among homeowners in Singapore due to its amazing qualities and cost-effectiveness. Are you thinking about renovating your home and wondering if wood flooring […]

Bad Habits that can Cause Damage to your Wood Flooring

Wood flooring, whether it’s timber flooring or engineered wood, is extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. Aside from its long-term durability, natural timber flooring has physiological and psychological benefits for people, lowering heart rates, blood pressure, and stress and anxiety levels. To extend the life of your wood flooring and enjoy these benefits, […]

All You Need To Know About Pet-Friendly Flooring

If you have a pet, you will most likely base your entire home interior design, as well as the materials you use, on your pet. Finding the right flooring for your home as a pet owner requires some key considerations because you must find one that complements your personal style while also accommodating your furry […]

Be Inspired by the 6 Flooring Trends of 2022

Did you know that new flooring trends emerge every year? The ever-changing nature of the flooring industry allows us to incorporate new designs and trends into our homes every year. From the flooring material to the colour and finish of the floor, many things can be done to make your home unique and different from […]

Answering The Commonly Asked Questions About Wood Flooring

Due to their durability, strength and timeless beauty, wood floors continue to be one of the most popular flooring materials in the world. However, in order to reap the many benefits of having wooden flooring, you must first understand how to select the best wood flooring for your home.  In this article, we’ll answer some […]

Questions To Ask A Flooring Contractor In Singapore

Hiring a flooring contractor to facilitate the installation of your new home flooring is a wise decision because they can help to ensure proper installation and prevent hiccups along the way. However, you cannot simply entrust the project to any contractor without first conducting thorough research and finding out more about the company. Before you […]