Benefits of FirmaFlor; Eco-Friendly Flooring From Floorrich

Written By HomeRenoGuru Singapore-based flooring specialist Floorrich is paving the way for the industry with a family of five certified environmentally friendly flooring products under its exclusive FirmaFlor brand. Here’s why Singaporeans are confidently choosing FirmaFlor for their homes and workplaces. The Certainty of Certification Tread lightly. Lower your carbon footprint. Green is the new […]

Wood Plastic Composite vs Timber Decking: What Is The Difference?

Looking to initiate a construction project and seeking a suitable decking to use? The search may be challenging as there are so many factors to consider before deciding on an ideal one. Prior to the selection process, you should first understand that the majority of the decks utilise treated lumber for the framing. Try to […]

How Floor Colours, Textures & Patterns Impact the Look of Your Home

The way you style your home speaks volumes about your personality. One of the most important factors that contribute to an appealing home interior is the choice of flooring. To choose an ideal flooring, you should consider the colours, textures and patterns as they serve as the stylistic building blocks of your home’s decorating palette. […]

How to Soundproof Vinyl Flooring & the Benefits

The popularity of vinyl floors is growing in the flooring industry. Inspired by floating floors, vinyl floors have a foam-backing design and flexible material, making it a great sound absorber. There are many reasons why some might want to soundproof their flooring and fortunately, a variety of effective acoustic solutions to soundproof vinyl flooring exists. […]

Answering FAQs About Engineered Wood Flooring

Written By HomeRenoGuru In Singapore, more homeowners are opting for engineered wood flooring as it gives a natural yet elegant look to their house interior. The flooring can serve as an ideal alternative to solid wood flooring. Read the FAQs below to get a clearer picture of what engineered wood flooring is and how it […]

How to Choose a Flooring Supplier in Singapore

Looking to add some personality to your home interior to enhance its appeal? Selecting the right flooring can make all the difference. After all, nothing beats an ideal flooring when it comes to providing beauty and comfort for your residence. Flooring installation can be a significant investment and that’s why it is crucial to find […]

5 Misconceptions About Vinyl Flooring Debunked

The use of vinyl flooring has grown widely over the years. Available in different tiles and planks featuring adhesive backing, vinyl is sophisticated. Installing vinyl flooring is also easy, simply peeling and sticking to the ground. Some vinyl flooring come with a glueless click system, like those offered at Floorrich. This makes the installing process […]

Beginner’s Guide to Maintaining HDB Vinyl Flooring

Flooring is among the essential elements in your HDB flat. During home renovations, the flooring installation and setup process can amount to a significant sum. Therefore, maintaining high flooring cleaning standards is key. Dirty flooring may jeopardise our health if it becomes a breeding site for bacteria. In Singapore, vinyl flooring has been chosen by […]

Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Flooring

Finding a suitable flooring for your outdoor area can be quite the challenge with the variety of choices available. The right flooring goes beyond “coverage” for your outdoor space, it also transforms the overall look, accentuating stylishness and functionality. Creating a beautiful, high-quality outdoor space flooring serves as a long-lasting and valuable investment. Read on […]

How Does Flooring Affect Your Home & Which to Choose

Floors are integral in every home, delivering structural support for the contents and occupants of a room. In fact, some of them are even heat, moisture and sound resistant. With significant impact on a room’s ambience, be it the centrepiece or a complementary feature, different types of flooring adds to the aesthetic of your home, […]