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Balcony Decoration Ideas for Valentine’s Day

04 February 2021

By: Floorrich Singapore

Get your presents, flowers, and boxes of chocolates ready because the season of love is here. Whether you are all for celebrating romanticism and friendship only on Valentine’s Day or a fan of showing love and admiration every single day, setting the right mood is important. This year, with restrictions in place due to the pandemic and many flocking to restaurants to make reservations, searching for a romantic place to celebrate Valentine’s Day can get tricky. But here’s the thing – you do not have to leave your home or fork out a large sum of money when you can transform your outdoor space or balcony into the most romantic place fit for any Valentine’s dinner date.

Did You Say Romantic Outdoor Balcony?

Yes! Revamping your outdoor balcony for your Valentine is totally possible. Many shun this idea since most balconies in Singapore are small. Normally used as storage space or for mundane tasks like drying clothes, this part of the home tends to be dark and gloomy looking. However, with a little sprucing up, any small balcony can become a space for hosting an epic party, or in this case, the sweetest Valentine’s dinner. Not sure how? We’ll cover a few Valentine’s day decoration ideas that will take your balcony renovations to the next level.

1. Deck it Up!

Commonly seen in swimming pool areas, outdoor decking is surprisingly not installed in many apartments in Singapore. A versatile decorative element, decking such as outdoor composite decking, though designed mainly for outdoor use, can also be installed in your home where a solid base exists. The height of the decking will immediately elevate the appeal of the space by adding personality to it. When it comes to choosing the best-fit decking for your balcony or outdoor space, composite wood decking is probably your safest bet.

Properties of Outdoor Wood Plastic Composite Decking

What makes outdoor composite decking the ultimate go-to when renovating a balcony? From being durable to eco-friendly, the outdoor wood composite decking available at our flooring company in Singapore is:

  1. Safe
    Mimicking the look of traditional timber decking, WPC decking is an engineered product that is slip-resistant and splinter-fee. This makes it safe for pets and kids to walk on with bare feet.
  1. Easy to maintain
    Requiring minimal upkeep, WPC is extremely low maintenance. This decking will not weather and fade in colour like other conventional decking options. It also has a high resistance to mould and is stable when exposed to UV rays, preventing disintegration and cracking under the hot Singapore sun. 
  1. Durable
    Composite wood decking can last for about a decade longer than other decks due to its high dimensional stability.
  1. Eco-friendly
    As with all flooring and decking options made available by Floorrich, our WPC is eco-friendly. Having attained the Singapore Green Label, Forest Stewardship Council certification, and more, you can rest assured our decking and flooring are healthy for you.
  1. A range of options
    At Floorrich, our WPC decking comes in a variety of colours. From dark grey to dark brown, pick one that complements your interior design scheme.
2. Go All Out With Your Decking Decoration

So, you’ve renovated your balcony and had decking installed. Now what? The next step is to pick a theme for your Valentine’s Day dinner or lunch and decorate the space accordingly. Don’t hold back on fancy furniture out of fear that it will scratch the surface or dent your WPC decking. As mentioned, this wood plastic decking has high dimensional stability and will not get scuffed up easily.

3. Set an Aphrodisiac-Filled Menu

Last but not least, curate an entire menu that is sure to make your Valentine blush. If you’re worried about your dark red wines spilling and staining your balcony decking, fret not! Our WPC decking can be washed with water, and it will look brand new without needing to repaint the surface or refinish it.Looking to have outdoor decking installed in your home? Contact our experts and share your decking ideas before embarking on your balcony renovation project.