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Balcony Decking: Should I Deck My Balcony?

17 January 2022

By: Floorrich Singapore

Balcony Decking Singapore

Outdoor decking is the act of installing an outdoor flooring material on your balcony, backyard, front yard, or around your swimming pool. Many homeowners lay their floors outside with timber decking for a variety of reasons, such as for aesthetic purposes.

If you own a private residential property with a balcony, you’ve probably heard of the term balcony decking and wondered whether it’s necessary to deck your balcony with timber. Check out some of the pros and cons of balcony decking to make a sound decision for yourself.


1. Safety

Our balcony must withstand both hot and rainy weather. Using the incorrect balcony decking material or none at all can result in safety issues such as slippery floors.

Tiles can get quite slippery on rainy days due to the rainwater splashing in, causing falls if someone were to step onto the balcony. Hence, proper balcony decking is essential to ensure enough traction for your feet to prevent slips and falls, as well as prevent splinters from causing injuries to your feet.

Aside from providing a safe outdoor flooring material for us to walk on during rainy days, waterproof and termite-free balcony deckings like ours can help to ensure that dangerous pests do not get a chance to invite themselves into your home.

2. Comfort

Balconies are an excellent place for you to spend time outdoors, but if the outdoor flooring is not properly installed, it can become quite uncomfortable to walk or stand on.

Balcony decking is important in the same way that we install flooring in our homes to make walking around more comfortable. It can provide comfort underfoot while withstanding all of the harsh weather conditions. Timber decking, in particular, does not absorb a lot of heat from the sun, allowing you to walk on it comfortably even barefoot.

3. Aesthetically Pleasing

When compared to tiles, timber decking is unquestionably more aesthetically pleasing. They are timeless, have a more natural and rustic appearance that is appropriate for the outdoors, and come in a variety of colours and patterns for you to choose from. By using timber balcony decking, you can easily create comfortable and stylish outdoor spaces in your home.

4. Durable

A durable balcony decking is important so that you don’t have to worry about comfort, safety, or having to replace it every few years. Composite timber decking is an ideal option because it can withstand the rigours of scorching hot sunlight and heavy rain. Other flooring options may not be able to withstand the weather conditions as well as proper decking materials. 

5. Cost-Effective

Outdoor flooring is quite affordable, despite the fact that it appears to be on the more expensive side. Proper balcony decking can even increase the value of your home.


1. Maintenance

With Singapore’s weather conditions, you can’t expect your balcony decking to last a long time if you don’t keep it clean and well maintained on a regular basis. If neglected, even composite timber can rot and sustain damage over time. Hence, you will need to put in extra effort to maintain your balcony decking.

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