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3 Types of Vinyl Flooring Patterns to Consider for Your Next Project

09 September 2022

By: Floorrich Singapore

When people think of interior design, their minds immediately gravitate towards avant-garde furniture, visual concepts, colour schemes for their walls, or how to maximise the floorspace in their home or commercial property.

However, equally important to both the look and feel, is the type and design of the flooring chosen. Many people choose vinyl flooring in Singapore and for good reason. It’s simple to install, extremely durable, cost-effective, and comes in a variety of patterns to enhance the aesthetic of any space.

Choosing the right vinyl pattern is a matter of individual taste and overall design concept. To help you decide, we’ve picked out 3 specific types of vinyl flooring patterns that you could consider for your next project.

1. Herringbone Pattern

A classic pattern that imitates fish scales, vinyl wood flooring in a herringbone pattern stands out immediately in any space. Adding a spark of energy and dynamism to the room, it’s a sophisticated pattern that immediately communicates a strong and unique personality.

By adjusting the colour of the vinyl and choosing the right décor to complement the overall pattern, you can bend this historical design to suit your own personal style.

2. Diagonal Pattern

Diagonal for the daring. This visually stunning vinyl flooring pattern is for those unafraid of taking risks. Diagonal patterns are offset on a 45 degree angle which immediately draws the eye of anyone who enters the room. They make the space feel bigger and more vibrant by drawing the eye to the corners of the room, rather than the central areas.

However, this uncommon pattern also makes you work for it. Diagonal vinyl patterns tend to be more expensive and require more labour for installation due to the extra cuts required and also results in higher wastage..

3. Random Pattern

If you’re looking to create a truly idiosyncratic look to your room, and you have the right colour variations to back you up, then you can consider going for a random vinyl flooring pattern. This versatile and aimless design puts your vinyl choices front and centre and lets them truly shine.

Ideally the random pattern should either feature a singular colour or a myriad of different hues. Showcasing your creativity and chaotic spirit, the lack of order to your flooring can actually be quite calming to the eye and helps to bring out your other interior design choices in a space.

So for those who think vinyl wood flooring is boring or unimaginative, think again. Vinyl allows you to precisely engineer the look you want for a space and can help spearhead your overall design concept. Not something to be overlooked, choosing the right vinyl pattern can elevate the character of a room to the next level.

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